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Marcus Darpino – Creator/Editor/Host

The Crapulent Marcus Darpino
Marcus Darpino – The Crapulent

Marcus Darpino is a comedian, co-owner of Wildfire Radio, creator/editor/producer/host of The Crapulent, and the former creator/producer/host of Mental Poison LIVE. Making people laugh has been Marcus’ passion since he was five years old. In kindergarten, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Marcus said, “Steve Martin”.

During his time with Mental Poison LIVE, Marcus hosted over 150 episodes, with over 300,000 downloads. Mental Poison went on indefinite hiatus in December 2014.

Wildfire Group is an next-gen digital marketing company that Marcus co-owns. In February 2014, Wildfire launched the bleeding edge streaming entertainment network, Wildfire Radio. The station has enjoyed some early success, hosting shows with some big name Philly talent such as Big Daddy Graham, Glen Macnow, Joe Conklin, Mitch Williams, Rob Maaddi, Vinnie the Crumb and more.

The Crapulent is the culmination of Marcus’ experience across all of his previous projects, and the large comedy network he has been exposed to over the years. The Crapulent is a comedy group operating through their website collaboration, and modular comedy podcast.

Follow Marcus on Twitter @marcusdarpino or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MarcusDarpinoComedy

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