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Ramon Bender

Ramon Bender – Co-Host/Writer

Ramon Bender
Ramon Bender – Co-Host/Writer, standing in front of some guys who are, like, 7 or 8 feet tall.

Records are scarce but Ramon Bender appears to be the name of a mythical leprechaun that performs stand-up comedy and comedy music in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. Local legends and fishermen claim that it can easily be drawn into a trap baited with old or new video games, cartoons, dungeons & dragons campaigns, or rotting cucumbers. Old Lady Tiltshire from down by the pond’s husband’s cousin’s sister, Ellen, claims to have once caught Ramon and said “When it stopped reading the Nintendo Power I used for bait it tried to make-out with me. It was pretty OK.” Manuscripts dating back to the early 2000’s found in some of South Jersey’s oldest diners and delicatessens seem to suggest Ramon enjoys writing foolish nonsense stories and laughable erotic fan-fiction.

He is survived by his loving computer, who carries on writing foolish crap on the internet under his name.

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